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Consulting & Project Management. Procurement & Sourcing. Reshoring.



Poland sourcing yellow dot American business style,

Poland sourcing yellow dot Swiss quality of services,

Poland sourcing yellow dot Polish prices.

Since 2007



Poland sourcing yellow dot Krzysztof Kurpiecki - sourcing projects manager. Since 2002 worked on daily basis with customers worldwide. At the beginning in quality department of largest European furniture manufacturer then since 2007 as independent professional in export/import area and business information research. During that period delivered services for hundreds small and middle size companies. Also for two companies from Dow 30 index.

In media & lectures (Polish language) : 1 2 3

Poland sourcing yellow dot Justyna Jaskolska - senior copywriter and project manager. Specialized in writing web/marketing content and in polish language. Journalist in Polish newspapers. Awarded with Local Press 2009 award for best business article.


Company registered in Poland. Business ID numbers:

REGON: 280221340
NIP: PL 7441343773



If there is a product in EMEA markets that fits your needs it is probably designed also for your market. So manufacturer sales force knows how to talk to you in your business language and will deliver product directly to your warehouse . If this is a case you do need us - it is just like buying in your nearby convenience store. You will find such suppliers easily with each search engine.

But if you entered "EMEA convenience store" before and noticed that there is no suitable product for you. And your intuition tells you that it is however possible to make a good deal here. And you are ready to talk and negotiate... We will be of great help in identifying prospect vendors and leading business talks to them.

We have developed proven sourcing process which ensures you open minded vendors with quality product, right price in a timely manner. Most important advantage of our services is that we quickly shortlist only these prospect vendors that are able to meet your expectations and lead business talks which results in long-term cooperation.


We can manage everything in EMEA countries for our client from A to Z:

Poland sourcing yellow dot Sourcing ( supplier research, supplier comparison, shortlisting, sample ordering),

Poland sourcing yellow dot Factory visits and assessment - initial and advanced ( capability, equipment, production capacity, certificates),

Poland sourcing yellow dot Negotiation (price, terms, conditions),

Poland sourcing yellow dot Quality control (production check, quality issue resolution),

Poland sourcing yellow dot Delivery.


Range of products:

Poland sourcing yellow dot Furniture*,

Poland sourcing yellow dot Food** (global brands and local food),

Poland sourcing yellow dot FMCG,

Poland sourcing yellow dot DIY,

Poland sourcing yellow dot Handmade,


We are based in Poland. With considerable experience on Central and East Europe markets. Since 2007

Just contact us with details of your project and we will find best solutions for you.


Other services:

- Market analysis,
- Business directories,
- Trans-creation ,
- Product, content localization,
- Financial reports,
- Partner verification,
- Background check,
- Copy-writing.



The main reason given for reshoring is improving the quality of products. Certainty, speed of delivery and the desire to cut transport costs is another factor. By moving you production back to Europe your risk of supply chain disruption decrease. And wages in Asia are higher and higher.

That is why for European small and middle companies we propose effective search for local suppliers. Especially Low-cost country sourcing in Central and Eastern Europe.



* Furniture is one of Polish export specialties. There are thousands of Polish furniture around the world, sold under distributors own brands, so hardly few people know it is from Poland.

About 25 thousand companies in Poland declare to focus mainly on furniture manufacturing. So we have strong competition here and the offer of Polish companies is highly competitive. Furniture made here is delivered to more than 160 countries globally.

95% of the wood used in Polish furniture factories comes from a certified source.

There is no furniture type which Polish manufacturers would find impossible to produce. And there is no Polish supplier that we can not find.

Typical products here are:

Poland sourcing yellow dot indoor tables,
Poland sourcing yellow dot garden furniture,
Poland sourcing yellow dot upholstered armchairs,
Poland sourcing yellow dot sofas,
Poland sourcing yellow dot beds,
Poland sourcing yellow dot furniture for public service buildings,
Poland sourcing yellow dot hotel furniture,
Poland sourcing yellow dot cupboards,
Poland sourcing yellow dot shelves,
Poland sourcing yellow dot tables,
Poland sourcing yellow dot television tables,
Poland sourcing yellow dot wardrobes,
Poland sourcing yellow dot glass front display cabinets,
Poland sourcing yellow dot etc.



In case that you company is not familiar with importing foods we help companies from Poland with complying to FDA Food Safety Modernization Act, proper food labeling (nutrition facts, etc.), factory inspection & prior notice.

We are in the swim in FDA proposals for revisions to the regulations and in Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) talks progress.



Tel. 0048 504 637 052


Postal address:

ul. Sklodowskiej 29/35
14-200 ILAWA



Apart of sourcing parts or finished products we offer also assembly of products, labeling, packaging, etc.

If you want to move your production to Central/Eastern Europe we can find best parts suppliers here, organize logistics and made your final product.
Plastic, wood, rubber, metal suppliers will deliver us parts made according to your specification and we assemble it all and put into package, ready for shelves in the store.
Warehousing, dropshipping could be discussed too. Products can include electrical wiring or electronic PCB.

As for now we offer manual assembly, packaging, labeling and testing. If you need automated services we will find proper partners for you.

Our assembly service supports your business in environment of specialized suppliers that do not want to go extra mile. We do.

Sourcing in Poland, Eastern Europe - 2007- ∞